Shipping Policy

When an order comes along, you must ship it. Before the box sits out too long, you must ship it.

Now ship it. Ship it good.

Now, we are all going to keep in mind that I am writing this shipping page while this site is a mad, somewhat frantic twinkle in a bunch of people's eyes. That's right, we share twinkles around here. We're not selfish. After all, as the saying goes, it takes a whole village of twinkles to make a website. ... or something.

So here's how we do this thing! You place an order, we get that puppy wrapped up like we're trying to launch a snowglobe to the moon, and within 3 to 5 business days your brand new whatever-it-is will be winging or wheeling (or boating! Let's be real here, we're on an island) its way to your door and tracking will be sent to you!

On the rare occasion that something requires special extra packaging it may take us a bit longer, but we will always try to reach out and let you know if there are any delays! We always ship items with full insurance, and if you need it to get to you faster make sure you choose a faster shipping method and we'll put the pedal to the metal, pull out all the stops and put in all the go.

Customs and duty charges are assessed by the customs authority at the parcel’s destination, and any fees resulting are payable by the customer. We will always fill out customs forms for international shipments. What we will not do is misrepresent an item on a customs form, either with an inaccurate description or a lower value.

Please remember that Canada Post does NOT insure against breakage of glass or ceramics. That being said, we have a spectacular track record for shipping these things because we package them within an inch of their life. Nobody likes ordering a glass jar and getting a jingly box full of sadness instead, so if the packaging on your mason jar or crock seems excessive just remember that we're here to make sure your treasure gets to you in one piece, not many pieces.

And that, my friends, is how we ship things at Everything Old.