Item Request

If you've found yourself on this page you probably have a thing that, like the white whale, has eluded your capture for many moons. Or maybe you just discovered a new shiny thing that, unbeknownst to your past self, you absolutely MUST have. Well, I have good news! Whether there’s one very specific thing you’re looking for or you’d like to know when all sorts of a certain type of thing are listed in our store, this page is here to help!

Here’s how it works:

  • Type in a keyword or multiple keywords if there’s a specific item you’re interested in, but make sure you check your spelling! Because if you’re looking for gold but you type in ‘glod’ then you’ll be waiting a long time because I haven’t seen any glod in this place for ages.
  • If you’re just wanting to know whenever we post new items in a certain category, you can select to get notified for specific areas. So if you’re looking for a medium format camera, ANY medium format camera, just select that category and you’ll get a message when they get posted to our online store!

This doesn’t reserve items for you, so if you get a notice that an item is posted make sure you check it out quickly, because you may not be the only person looking for that thing! This also won’t save you having to search our existing inventory. If it’s already here you’re just going to have to look for it the old-fashioned way, and by ‘old-fashioned’ I mean use the Search bar at the top of the page. So that’s the low-down on getting a leg-up on finding that elusive what-have-you! The rest, as they say, is up to you.