About Us

Welcome to the “About Us” page: the place where people go when they wonder, “Who the heck are these guys?”, or perhaps “I have a secret deep-seated need to do a shallow voyeuristic dive into the lives of people on the internet”. Either way, we don’t judge. If I didn’t want to spill the beans then I wouldn’t have an “About Us” page, or it would be one of those sad one-paragraph jobbies that uses sophisticated words to say nothing at all. And if you don’t know already, you will soon learn:

That’s not how we roll.

The Story of Everything Old

Fast forward a bit and we’ve found a couple of more reliable people to work for.

That little crock was like a gateway to the world of old, and when we had a little tiny bit of money to spare we would scour stores and garage sales for anything we could afford to make our lives a little bit more comfortable.

A harvest table here, a coffee grinder there, all would be welcomed into the loving arms of our little farmhouse to be used as they were always meant to be used. Once in a while we would come across someone selling a small collection that only had a couple of things we really needed, and that’s when we started selling things.Just little bits at first! We would end up with a second coffee grinder when we only really needed one, so we would list it online to try and get back a little bit of the cash we had spent buying the other pieces. But people would come into our house to pick things up, and the strangest thing happened. They wanted to buy other things. They wanted our mixing bowls we used every day, or our crocks that we stored potatoes and flour and rice in, or some of the crates that we were using as shelving or storage. One day someone walked in and told us that if we could find another coffee grinder like the one that we were using every day then he would PAY us for it, and a decent amount of money too!

And the lightbulb came on.

So like the Very Hungry Caterpillar our business grew, and grew, and grew.

We got a business license from the municipality, but within three years we were bursting at the seams. That little side room living room? Every morning we would stuff it full of antiques that were waiting to go out on the floor, and every evening we would empty it back out so we had a place to sit and eat and relax. The shop took over the original living room, the master bedroom and the dining room and we slept in the attic upstairs. The KITCHEN was packed so full of antiques that on a GOOD day I could make dinner by squeezing sideways on my tippy toes to the stove. Most days were sandwiches made on whatever square foot of counter space I could reclaim. Suffice it to say that things were getting a bit ridiculous.